Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Normally I abhor violent means to solve injustice

However, after reading horror stories for years on the Chinese one child policy's terrorist tactics, it sorta warmed my heart to hear about this village where thousands have had enough.

The one-child policy has become a symbol of the wealth gap in China.
Earlier this month, government officials admitted that many rich families
violated the rules because they could afford the fines.
Inequality, land grabs and pollution fears have prompted a wave of unrest in the provinces.
According to the ministry of public security, there were 87,000 protests,
officially termed "mass incidents," reported in 2005, up 6.6% on 2004 and 50%
from 2003. HT: Guardian Unlimited

The one-child policy is an excuse for thugs to rob, destroy property, and terrorize Chinese peasants. Remember who supports this thuggery; the UN Population Fund, which President Bush has voted to de-fund, precisely because of this injustice.

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