Sunday, May 06, 2007

Here's some good news bout Catholic education

I couldn't sleep at 4 AM for some reason, so I turned on EWTN to see if there was a show I should see. So many of their great shows which I miss in my busy life, are on in the wee hours. EWTN Live had my favorite websurfer priests, Fr. John Trigilio and Fr. Robert Levis of the perpetually interesting question and answer show, "Web of Faith", discussing Fr. John's new book, Catholicism Answer Book, with Fr. Mitch Pacwa. They were amazed that a secular publisher actually approached him to write a book on the Catholic faith. Fr. John has written the enormously popular Catholicism for Dummies, which is now being translated into six languages.
It shows that there is a growing hunger, especially among younger Catholics for the doctrine they missed in CCD. I call us 1970's CCD graduates the lost generation, and I'm afraid the CCD system is still not producing Catholics who know their faith. Thankfully, there is now a wealth of good Catholic sources to learn the faith, and I list many of them in the sidebar.

This was mentioned, along with the topic of renewal of Catholic education. Fr Levis said that if we all became good Catholics, the problem would be solved overnight, and encouraged us to question the orthodoxy of so-called Catholic colleges, by asking the local bishop if the theology professors have received the mandatum as requested in Ex Corde Ecclesiae.
Fr. Mitch mentioned he new John Paul the Great University (see the new blog Fides and Film by a professor there)opening north of San Diego, as well as Sierra Madre Catholic school where he said that the schoolchildren stayed behind after Mass to give silent thanksgiving to God, and recite the St. Michael prayer. He said he had never seen such devotion even in the 50s! Good things are happening in Catholic education today!
Fr. Levis said that "the contribution of homeschooling is wonderful, it is filling up the seminaries". God bless you, Fr. Levis, for recognizing what we mothers think is done in secret, for the good of our children.

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