Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The media rolls out the red carpet for Dr. Death

"Assisted suicide crusader Jack Kevorkian gets out of prison on Friday and the event has sparked a slew of media stories focusing on his release."
Dr Death suffers from a number of health problems, none of which have caused him to consider euthanizing himself however, he wants to stay alive till he can push pro-death legislation, collect $100K a speech, have his book published, and see Ben Kingsley, who won an Oscar in 1982 for a noble portrayal of Ghandi, portray him in a biopic.
The media want to make a hero of this twisted man. What kind of a sick society celebrates a monster like Kevorkian? Don't buy his book, see his speeches,read his book or see the movie.
The electorate have rejected his sick views on death and dying, according to Barbara Lister, head of Michigan's Right to Life.
"In 1998, the people of Michigan soundly defeated a proposal to legalize assisted suicide in Michigan by a margin of 71 percent to 29 percent. Assisted suicide has been rejected by 49 of 50 states. (Every state except Oregon.) Kevorkian and his radical agenda have failed as our society recognizes that killing is not a solution to suffering,” Listing told
As usual, the media is out in left field, using it's influence to drag the culture down to it's level of depravity. Abort the unfit, or unwelcome child, and snuff out the infirm elderly, avoid any mention of your own death while you live a comfortable immoral life. As long as you're slim, young-looking, and have money to spend, life is worth living, right?

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Anita Moore said...

Ever see this guy's sicko paintings? He's clearly a whack-job, and always has been. I think he just likes killing people.