Tuesday, May 08, 2007

New York Premiere of "Mr Blue Sky"

Press Release: Blue Skies, Love vs Society, Provocative New Feature Film at HBO
One of this year’s most promising and ambitious feature films, “MR. BLUE SKY” (trailer)will debut its New York City Screening at HBO’s Manhattan Theatre on Friday, May 11th at 7pm. Audiences will quickly be drawn to the authentic scenes portraying two young adults courting, and eventually marrying in this beautiful story. Yet what seems clouds, flowers and smiles is quickly discovered to have an ambitious and deliberate story line. There may be days that shine with blue skies throughout this unique film, and one of a kind genre depicting the tender, yet passionate, playful love story; however, this young, adult woman, who is so in love was also born with Down syndrome. Together they meet and face the perils of an unforgiving society.
The “MR. BLUE SKY” cast is fed by the energy of lead actress Ashley Wolfe (29), whose last role was in the film “JEWEL” with Farrah Fawcett. Ashley like her character leads by example as she herself was born with Down Syndrome. In the role of her love interest is actor Chaney Kley who is best known for his role as Kyle Walsh in the film “Darkness Falls”Home Improvements” side kick Al, Richard Karn shows the never before seen “dark” side and stretches himself as Chaney’s (Greg’s) father. Blue Sky Magic Productions, LLC. produced “MR. BLUE SKY”; Tom Paddy Lee and Sara Gurfield first time producer/writer and first time film director respectively round out the core creative team.

Not since the late 1960’s and the landmark film “GUESS WHO’S COMING TO DINNER” when film audiences were shook and race barriers began to break as society asked the question; who are the appropriate partners to marry and what will be acceptable to society has a film created such reactions from a wide range of groups—parental groups, civil rights organizations, and organizations for the aid of individuals born with Intellectual Disabilities to name a few.

Blue Sky Magic LLC will donate all financial proceeds from the May 11th screening at HBO to Best Buddies New York. Best Buddies, New York “…is determined to end social isolation for people with intellectual disabilities by establishing meaningful, lasting one-to-one friendships with their non-disabled peers…Best Buddies envisions a world where people with intellectual disabilities will be successfully integrated into our schools, our workplaces and our general communities.

Blue Sky Magic Productions, LLC. is headquartered in New York, and is an independent film development company created to bring thought provoking and family oriented, original feature material to markets throughout the country. Tom Paddy Lee is the founding Principal/Owner and Writer/Producer.

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