Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Celebrities with Spines

There's a lot of talk about episcopal spines, in the blogosphere, but who knew that celebrities had them as well?!
There's to be a gala Ball for Life at the NY Raquet and Tennis Club to support Chris Slattery's wonderful work at Expectant Mother Care, and Good Counsel Homes with movie stars Eduardo Verastegui(of Bella), Patricia Neal, Celeste Holm, and my fellow blogger, and best-selling author of Thrill of the Chaste, Dawn Eden.

"Both of these marvelous women come from an era when our entertainment culture still retained an element of propriety and good taste sorely absent among today's celebrities. Taking on the battle for the heart and soul of America now requires a Herculean ability to wage war within the venue of pop culture. Dawn Eden and Eduardo Verástegui are very capable combatants in this just war. "Read Alicia Colon's entire New York Sun article here.

I am dying to go, but the premiere of "Mr Blue Sky" is the same evening at the HBO Theatre which in Manhattan only six blocks away! I promised to introduce the actresses to my lovely daughters when we met in Hollywood. Those of you who know me will be shaking their heads at the prospect of this homeschooling housewife suddenly finding herself with conflicting events in Manhattan!

I am humbled to find myself in touch with some of the cultural movers and shakers here in the abortion capital of the world. We had better stick together, the enemies of life are closing in!

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