Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Pope Woos Brazilians

"One big reason the evangelical sects have attracted Catholics, he told Brazilian bishops, is that many Catholics are insufficiently evangelized and their faith is weak, confused and easily shaken. In a country where televangelists have had great success with simplistic religious messages, the pope did not hold out any easy solutions.
Instead, he said, the church should conduct “a methodical evangelization aimed at personal and communal fidelity to Christ.” Firm doctrinal content is essential to faith formation, he said, and at nearly every stop he suggested wider use of the Catechism of the Catholic Church."CNS

I have always said that, no one who knows their Catholic faith ever leaves it. Solid catechesis is the key to retaining the Latin American faithful.

That's why I squeeze a bilingual First Communion Class into my busy schedule. Many of the children's parents stay for the class, and I am happy they want to learn as well. I always enjoy Monday nights, and it revives my own faith. I hope they will retain the love for rosary, the Scripture, the Church, and the sacraments I try to instill in them during my class.

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