Thursday, May 03, 2007

Why I'm Optimistic about the future of Long Island

Last night, I met with some concerned friends who have been meeting regularly in a group to help bring about a return to orthodoxy, and an end to abuses, liturgical or otherwise on Long Island. We like to think of ourselves as the anti-VOTF. Nearly three years ago, when we first started meeting, we felt beleagered. Voice of the Faithful, though not allowed to officially meet in our diocese, had a strong membership including many prominent clergy, and appreared to be winning. The sex abuse scandal lay heavy on our hearts, having just discovered many of the crimes against children through the DA's report, and having personal experience of many others. We knew the powers that be were slow to change things.
But the seeds for success were there, if you looked beneath the surface. The VOTF members, though currently in the halls of power, are aging, and not being replaced. The young see the utter failure of their 'revolution' and have either abandoned the Church altogether, or have found orthodoxy more authentic. This is supported by Colleen Carroll Campbell's book, "The New Faithful". See her terrific show on EWTN. As our leader says, we are the wealthiest, best educated, best connected Catholics in the history of the Church, and we are poised to make a difference in the world. And we have. . .
I was a bit cynical, I admit, given the fact that the gatekeepers of the Church and the mainstream media are liberal, but then I began to discover alternatives for spreading the truth, I began with the 25th Anniversary Celebration of the EWTN TV/radio empire, for which I read Mother Angelica's biography very carefully. No one had more against her than Mother; her health, her tragic family background, the fact that she was a cloistered nun with no possessions under obedience, and yet, starting with fishing lures, she raised an empire unequalled in Catholicism, that rivalled the accomplishments of the anti-Catholic Ted Turner, whom she often ran into at trade meetings.Mother has changed the Catholic world with EWTN.
The EWTN Conference left me fired up, and looking for something to do to help Mother, and bring the light of faith to dark, culture of death Long Island.You're reading one of the manifestations, this blog, which is one of three, which was read by 500 people in 6 continents last night. I have had local people contact me for the Indult Mass time, and people from Canada, and Hawaii (Esther, you know this is you!)relate to my writing. I have received invitations to Hollywood, and to speak with such luminaries as Dr. Bill Donohue and Archbishop Chaput (more on that later). This blog is a success beyond even MY vivid imagination, and if you are reading it, you are the reason. God Bless you.
Another friend who I cajoled into starting his own blog, In God's Image on Long Island, has successfully outed an 'out and proud' gay priest in Utah to his parish and bishop,and stopped his immoral proclamation of deviance. This was done, not to punish, but to keep him from further corrupting the souls in his care, and, hopefully give him a chance to repent of his sins before cancer claims him. All this was done from Long Island.
Another friend has taken over the American Family Association here, and organized a three hour block of time for pro-life programming on the Public Access Channel every week If you live on Long Island, watch Cablevision channel 20 from 8-11 every Tuesday night. The last hour he did with our blogger friend and will include videos offering hope to homosexuals for their return to a state of grace. This is a real coup on Long Island, whose diocesan TV station rarely runs a prolife program. It had game shows and cooking shows, but shrinks from giving the hard truth to the 2 million Catholics who most desperately need it.
And, lets not forget my application for a Catholic radio station, which will be in the works for the next year. This could be a tremendous grace for fallen-away Catholics on Long Island.
A friend of ours has taken up the Lighthouse Media apostolate, sellling stands with incredible CDs on Catholic apologetics. These are sold for only $3 apiece and are of excellent speakers such as Fr. Groeschel, Fr. Corapi, Scott Hahn, Archbishop Sheen, Mother Teresa, Jeff Cavins.
Another faithful friend has worked for 10 years with Jerry Conniker of the Apostolate for Family Consecration, showing the Family Holy Hour videos and holding beautiful Divine Mercy Sundays with the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal. His ministry gave me the knowlege and prayer life I needed to be able to do what I do here. He also introduced me to some of the most inspiring Catholic families on Long Island.
So, we are into TV, radio, the internet, CD's and Video Conferencing. I 'd say we have made tremendous strides in reclaiming the Lord's Island, as our Evangelical brothers call it. None of us are wealthy, and we all have families which we homeschool, and hold down jobs. Let's hear from you, and what you are doing to take part in the Springtime of Evangelization, on the eve of the 2nd anniversary of our dear Holy Father John Paul's entrance into his heavenly reward.


John M said...

I followed Paul's link from A Long Island Catholic. God bless you and keep up the good work. There is much work to do here on Long Island.

AZ said...

We should get one of the Catholic Answers speakers (like Jimmy Akin) to speak at one of the parishes (or somewhere large to accommodate many people).

Leticia said...

Why don't you talk with your pastor about it? I'd love meeting Jimmy Akin.
We are having the Proud 2B Catholic Youth event some of the speakers here look promising. See my post about Christopher West, who just gave a weekend retreat at Cure of Ars in Merrick.