Monday, May 28, 2007

Youth attracted to Tradition

Rod Dreher makes the point that far from seeking the 'happy-clappy' relevant services which middle-aged youth ministers design for them, today's youth are increasingly seeking out traditional forms of worship. This cannot be assigned to nostalgia, as they haven't grown up with tradition, yet they instinctively seek it, as they sense it's authenticity, and transcendence.
Dreher states,

"The imminent return of the Latin Mass offers a tremendous opportunity for Catholic traditionalists to appeal to those unsatisfied by happy-clappy
modernism within contemporary Catholicism. The media attention that will be given to the Latin Mass moment is also a chance for other forms of religious traditionalism to step out of the incense-clouded shadows and show the world what they have to offer. Much to the astonishment of the baby boomer generation, who thought such things had been relegated to an irrecoverable past, everything old really is new again. "

Not this baby boomer! I was born at the tail end of that generation, and just vaguely remember the Latin Mass, but I long for the solemnity, the silence, and the ethereal hymns which I can enjoy once a month, forty minutes from home. I take my girls and expose them to the glory of Catholicism fully lived, and then ask them to compare that with the 'youth Mass' at home. They sing in the schola at the Traditional Mass, and know more Latin than their mother, thanks to homeschool co-ops. I think tradition is coming full circle.

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Lynne said...

I too went to the Latin Mass just before they detonated it. Since I've begun listening to Latin prayers, in preparation for going to a TLM, bits and pieces of them are coming back.

I'm praying (but not enough) and fasting (but not enough) for the Motu Proprio.

By the way, if you still want that image on my blog, feel free to use it!

Leticia said...

Thanks for reminding me, here goes!

Seminarian Matthew said...

As a young seminarian, I must state my opinion: Tridentine Masses all the way! I love the beauty, reverence, and mystery in the Old Rite so much. I wish to attend only Tridentine Masses because of the beauty.