Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Update on Immigration Debate

Thank you, Alicia for stating so eloquently what I have always felt about this issue. It gives me great pain when fellow Catholics speak about all illegals as if they were hardened criminals seeking to do us harm. I have worked with Hispanic immigrants for twenty years, and they are usually humble, Christian parents who love God and are trying to help their families, both here and in their country; often at great personal cost. We should welcome them to out churches, and help them, not revile them. Their Marian devotions are unique and vibrant, reviving our sanitzed churches with color and song. Their love for children is infectious, just look at the Holy Father in Brazil!
Speaking of illegal immigrants, my Italian ancestors were often called WOPS. Besides being a racial slur, did you know it's origin? It means WithOut Passport. Someone must have been jumping ship!
My Irish grandma lied about her age to Immigration authories to come here and help feed her many siblings, and her sister came here illegally from Canada, a common practice in the 20's. How quickly we forget our own roots!

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