Friday, May 18, 2007

I was right! Tony Blair to swim the Tiber!

Some time ago, I heard rumors that British Prime Minister Tony Blair, whose wife is Catholic, was considering a conversion to Catholicism. I thought to myself, "he'll wait till he's no longer PM to avoid controversy". England has a long-standing entrenched anti-Catholicism, thanks to Henry VIII. The monarchs can marry someone of any faith, but if they marry a Catholic, they must abdicate the throne.

"He is widely considered to have remained an Anglican because of the potential complexities of conversion while in office.
Some lawyers believe the 1829 Emancipation Act, which gave Roman Catholics full civil rights, may still prevent a Catholic from becoming Prime Minister.
Clauses in the Act state that no Catholic adviser to the monarch can hold civil or military office.
Despite his apparent commitment to the faith, Mr Blair has also frequently clashed with Roman Catholic leaders, particularly over his liberal policies on gay rights and abortion"
Source: This is London

I was right! Welcome home to Rome, Tony Blair!
Now can we talk about some of your anti-family decisions as PM?

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