Friday, May 04, 2007

Bush will veto Hate Crimes bill - President Bush looks likely to veto a "hate crimes" bill under debate in the U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday if it is approved by Congress. Dr. James Dobson said he’s thankful President Bush has indicated he will veto the controversial and misleading "hate-crimes" bill that passed the U.S. House today.
"We applaud the president's courage in standing up for the Constitution and the principle of equal protection under the law,” the founder and chairman of Focus on the Family Action said. “The American justice system should never create second-class victims, and it is a first-class act of wisdom and fairness for the president to pledge to veto this unnecessary bill."
Opposing the measure, Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas) said the bill would result in disproportionate justice for victims of certain crimes."All violent crimes must be vigorously prosecuted. However this bill, no matter how well intended, undermines basic principles of our criminal justice system. Under this bill justice will no longer be equal but depend on the race, sex, sexual orientation, disability or status of the victim," he said.
"For example, criminals who kill a homosexual or a transsexual will be punished more harshly than criminals who kill a police officer, members of the military, a child, a senior citizen or any other person."Smith also voiced concern that the measure would have a "chilling effect" on religious leaders and groups "who express their constitutionally protected beliefs."

This WON'T happen with President Obama! Or Clinton! A Democrat Congress has been busy conducting investiations and proposing harmful legislation, but fortunately, none of it will be passed as long as we have a pro-life president. This could soon change.
Let's get busy campaigning for our favorite pro-life candidate.

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