Thursday, July 31, 2008

John Allen's Op-Ed on Humanae Vitae in the NYTimes

The encyclical which was so widely opposed is now more relevant than ever. Who knew?
The Holy Spirit did, when he inspired Pope Paul VI, that's who!
"So the future of “Humanae Vitae” as the teaching of the Catholic Church seems secure, even if it will also continue to be the most widely flouted injunction of the church at the level of practice.
The encyclical’s surprising resilience is a reminder that forecasting the Catholic future in moments of crisis is always a dangerous enterprise — a point with relevance to a more recent Catholic predicament. Many critics believe that the church has not yet responded adequately to the recent sex-abuse scandals, leading to predictions that the church will “have to” become more accountable, more participatory and more democratic.
While those steps may appear inevitable today, it seemed unthinkable to many observers 40 years ago that “Humanae Vitae” would still be in vigor well into the 21st century.

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magi said...

A Catholic op-ed published in the NY Times? That, in itself, must be attributed to Divine Intervention.