Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The aftereffects of World Youth Day

The archbishop of Sydney added, "This World Youth Day has demonstrated that the great majority of Australians are quite open to what we have to say." "They might disagree with us," he acknowledged, "but they recognize us as being in the mainstream of Australian life; that religious considerations are important; people need meaning and purpose; and that overwhelmingly, people recognize the necessity of being open to the transcendent."
The prelate added, "In the past, we Catholics might have been too interested just in ourselves. Now we are saying very clearly we have something to offer to the rest of the Australian population."
The transformation of society into the Kingdom of Heaven is a daunting task which will not be accomplished in our lifetime, nevertheless, it is our calling, so let us begin. . . I was especially thrilled to see 400.000 Mass attendees observe a moment of silence after Holy Communion.
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