Saturday, July 12, 2008

Steve Mosher: US birthrate up, pro-life sentiment on the increase

Sometimes the grim scenario of cultural decline we see in Western Europe will spread to the US; but not this time, says Steve Mosher of the Population Research Institute. The American birthrate is back up to replacement levels and this nation is gradually becoming more pro-life.
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My theory on this is that pro-lifers have more children, who are more likely to have children than their pro-death counterparts who value material success or career more than children. This blogger thinks that prolific homechool families are taking over the nation, and paints this picture of what a nation run by such people would look like:
" the likes of Pelosi and Kerry and Kennedy (take your pick) won't have a snowball's chance in hell of being elected to public office and, poof! there goes Cafeteria Catholicism in Congress. Hillary will be just a bad dream, and Alan Keyes a public force to be reckoned with.
No more abortion, no more assisted suicide, no euthanasia, no gay "marriage" and no more whiny little brats joining the military who don't possess any real intentions of manning up and being soldiers with moral integrity....And no more public school teachers molesting, raping and beating on children, or teaching sex ed in the name of "protecting our youth from unscrupulous priests."
Down at the Inauguration of President Bush in 2000, I addressed this topic with two elderly NARAL protesters, "you women forgot one important thing in your support of abortion; you are aborting your consistency. Pro-lifers love life, and thus while you are driving yourselves to extinction, our many children will be running this country". The poor women were apoplectic with rage, but had no response.
I have one for them, atheists essentially own the public school system right through university, if Prof. Meyer the Eucharist defiler is any indication. That's where they repeat the pro-death mantra (unless you're a polar bear). They have our children, if we are foolish enough to allow them access.
Then there's the media. The media once belonged exclusively to non-believers, but now, thanks to the internet, we lovers of God's gift of live have found our platform. We must vigorously protect this medium and the growing number of Catholic radio and TV outlets from the jealous hands of those who would silence it, under the guise of "Fairness".
Yes we are winning the culture war, but we must never rest upon our laurels. Mother Cabrini a diminutive Italian with poor health her whole life set up hospitals, orphanages and schools all over North and South America. She was known to say, " there will be time to rest in Heaven".
Let's get back to work to bring about the Culture of Life in America.

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