Thursday, July 10, 2008

C-Fam has a new website

Dear Colleague,
Today I am proud to announce that we finally have a website that we can be, well, proud of! Please go here Check out Inside the UN, the Center for UN Documents, the International Organizations Research Group. Check out our new mission statement, the result of a year-long strategic planning process. Today we are reporting on another story you will not have read anywhere else. The US Government has rejected advances by the Danish Government to join a global campaign to put abortion into the Millennium Development Goals. The Danes, along with the UN Population Fund and others is running something called the Torch Campaign that explicitly calls for governments to support "sexual and reproductive health," a phrase that is used repeatedly to promote access to abortion. We are also beginning a three part series by Susan Yoshihara and a very important new book about the history of population control by a Yale-educated scholar at Columbia University. I will write more about this in the coming weeks, but please take a look at Susan's review and then order the book.
Yours sincerely,
Austin RusePresident

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