Saturday, July 26, 2008

A message and an offer from Catholicity

On the 40th anniversary of the promulgation of Pope Paul VI's encyclical, Humanae Vitae, on July 25, 1968. We assume our readers know this watershed encyclical rejected the premise that the use of artificial means to avoid conception was anything other than an objectively immoral act.THE AGE OF SEXUAL SLAVERYDid you know that every major Christian denomination in the world (and virtually every citizen in every country on the planet) viewed the use of artificial contraception as immoral until 1930, when the Anglican Church of England officially changed its teaching at the Lambeth Conference?
With the collapse of the Christian bulwark against the idea that sexual activity could be seperated from the responsibilities of bearing children (and ultimately, that sexuality would be seperated from exclusivity within marriage), what was regarded as grossly unnatural and morally repugnant to the "man on the street" gradually became considered "natural" to most citizens of developed countries by the end of the 1970s. The age of sexual slavery is upon us, and we fear, has not reached its nadir, as the attacks upon what legally defines marriage itself gain in popularity and ferocity.In 2008, 78 years later, and a mere "blink" of the eye of history, the Catholic Church stands alone in this foundational defense of the natural dignity of humanity itself, and sadly, many of her own members do not stand with her. Pope Paul prophetically made four dire predictions for society if this teaching was ignored, and tragically, all four have come true.
We posted Mary Eberstadt's summarizing article from First Things on this week:

If you are married and remain faithfully open and responsible to life, we applaud your courage, empathize with the challenges, and understand your joy, especially if you have been blessed with children.If you have struggled to adhere to the teaching or are intimidated by the massive and implacable cultural obsession to separate sexual activity from the gift and responsibility of bearing and rearing children, you are not alone.
Perhaps you sincerely and honestly do not see the truth of the teaching.We humbly and gently invite you to listen to the most loving, powerful, non-judgemental, and popular explanation of the Church's teaching ever recorded, Dr. Janet E. Smith's "Contraception, Why Not?" or her recent "Contraception, Why Not? New and Revised."Both CDs are available free-of-charge from One More Soul, which offers an extensive variety of books, CDs, newsletters, and pamphlets on this important subject, including an online directory of doctors who do not prescribe contraceptives.
For a free CD of the classic "Contraception, Why Not?" or the New and Revised version, go here, respectively:

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visiting said...

Would someone please remind our readers that sex is, and always has been, an act of will and not a biological need?

Another of those divine differences distinguishing us from the animal world.

Just a thought.