Saturday, July 12, 2008

Prolifers to receive cash prizes as incentives

Unlike pro-abortion advocates with large profits from abortion at stake, pro-life advocacy work is so often a thankless job, now someone is finding a way to say thank you for the babies who have no voice.

Family News in Focus
Organizers hope the program will inspire the next generation of life advocates.
The Gerard Health Foundation is sponsoring a Life Prizes program to honor people who have made significant contributions to the pro-life cause. The annual program will award $600,000.
Pre-selected nominees were chosen based on pro-life achievements in the public advocacy, scientific research and legal arenas.
Philanthropist Raymond Ruddy is dedicating the first award to his parents, who were strong believers in the cause.
"We hope it will encourage pro-lifers who spend most of their life battling the forces for evil," he said. "We hope this will help them and give them some encouragement and also some additional funds for the struggle."
Cathy Ruse, director of Life Prizes, said she is hoping the program will inspire the next generation of pro-life leaders.
"Once they see the great work thatís been done by so many heroes to date," she said, "they will only be motivated more to get in this great fight for humanity."
The awards gala will be held at the Students for Life January conference in Washington.

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