Thursday, July 10, 2008

Refutation of WSJ article on Same Sex Marriage

Robert Reilly has an excellent article at MercatorNet on why the homosexual movement cares what Catholics think about their actions. Why it is all important to gain our acceptance for their actions. Far from being a private matter, same sex marriage affects the entire society, as marriage is a contract with society. But a contract which involves gravely immoral acts must continue to be rejected by Catholics.
"Habitual moral failure, however, can be lived with only by obliterating conscience through a more permanent rationalization. As I wrote in National Review several years ago, “If you are going to center your public life on the private act of sodomy, you had better transform sodomy into a highly moral act. If sodomy is a moral disorder, it cannot be legitimately advanced on the legal or civil level.” On the other hand, if it is a highly moral act, it should -- in fact, must -- serve as the basis for marriage, family, and community. This requires the assent of the community to the normative nature of the act of sodomy. In other words, we all must say that the bad is good.
This is why advocates of the homosexual cause like Mr. Rauch insist that everyone participates in the rationalization -- in this case, by making homosexual marriage legal. If the community gives the assent he seeks, then the rationalization is safe; the unreality has been securely established legally as the new reality. (Speak against the new reality and you may be committing a hate crime.) However, the community is not safe -- despite Rauch’s claims that homosexual marriage “is good for America.” Why not?"

That is why hate crimes legislation and it's resultant restrictions on free speech are so important to homosexual movement; those of us who dissent must be silenced. I believe that many homosexuals know, deep in their heart of hearts that their desires are disordered, but, like the Emperor's New Clothes, if we all join the chorus, saying that SSA is acceptable, we will drown out that still, small voice within.

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