Sunday, July 13, 2008

Was Tony Snow a more sincere Catholic than Tim Russert?

It's not for us to judge the state of an individuals soul, but just look at Russert, who supported pro-abortion Catholic politicians Moynihan and Cuomo, and Snow who worked in a largely pro-life Bush White House (yes, I know Bush promoted the use of embryonic stem cell lines, but held firm against killing more embryos for more cells) President Bush's pro-life accomplishments are unmatched, however, and no one doubts his sincerity on this issue, he never tried the Cuomo lint, "I will not impose my personal religious beliefs on others". You are known by the company you keep. Tony Snow was a quietly Catholic in word and loudly Catholic in action.
Here's an anecdote from a Republican insider.
"Tony always spoke of his spirituality in a different way than did Russert, who wore it on his sleeve in almost a patronizing manner, despite his history of liberalism. I just saw Dana Perino, Tony's successor at the White House who used to hang around my office at the State Capitol back in the early '90s when she was a college student & TV intern from southern Colorado & I was chief PR poobah for the House GOP, interviewed live on Fox News; Dana said that Tony always kept a Bible (Holy Family or something similar?) on his desk that he readily & regularly consulted. "
Phil Ross
From the Family Research Council:
Universally Liked, Universally Missed
In Washington one meets a handful of people who are almost universally liked and respected. So much is at stake in the partisan battles in the capital that having the admiration of political friend and foe alike is rare. Tim Russert achieved that and so did Tony Snow. Tony spoke at the FRC Action Values Voter Summit in 2006 and described with relish his experience at the White House with a mix of professionalism and amazement that was endearing and all-American. He knew, appreciated, and communicated how lucky he was to have been born in the U.S. of A., grown up in the Midwest, and had the chance to work in hallways and places he had dreamed of as a kid. That youthfulness, and the bedrock values that fueled him, never faded, whether at the peak of his success or in the throes of his illness. The proximity of those two things, the peak and the throes coming at once, and the way he handled both with wit and verve only underscored how grounded he was. He will be greatly missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family


Raulito said...

He was ( Catholic! Another reason to have liked Mr. Snow! Thanks for the post and info!

Anonymous said...

No question, Mr, Snow had more integrity and was a better Catholic.


Dennis Howard said...

I began my own career in journalism back in 1950 as a founding staff member of the The Sun Herald, the last attempt to publish a Catholic daily. In the years since, I've often squirmed at the way many well known Catholics in the media have failed to stand up for their beliefs, especially on the life issue. In their rush for ratings, they were no different than a long list of politicians who did the same for votes. Tony Snow was a rare exception, a man of great integrity whose inside always matched his outside.