Thursday, July 10, 2008

US Bishops reject Vatican changes in language of Mass

"Known as the "Proper of Seasons," the prayers are said on Sundays, Holy Days and during liturgical seasons such as Lent, and change from day to day.
Examples include the opening prayer, prayers said over the bread and wine, and prayer after Communion.The late Pope John Paul II ordered the new translations to increase fidelity to the original Latin. Some Vatican liturgists say the church moved too quickly -- and sloppily -- in translating the Mass into local languages after the Second Vatican Council of the 1960s."

I'm stunned, the American bishops just reject something from the Vatican?
OK, I admit I was being ironic there. . . it's not the first time this has happened or we wouldn't have needed Summorum Pontificum, which just passed it's first anniversary.
That day, I was picking up my girls from Morning Star Camp, and attended a beautiful Latin Mass under the pines. After Mass, Father told us "the Holy Father on this day is making this form of the Mass available to the entire church". See a slideshow of that wonderful camp here.
Isabella is anxiously awaiting her week at camp next month, in their own brand new facility in Washington, NH, called the Monfort Retreat Center. I am anxiously awaiting an invitation to this piece of heaven for a Mother's Retreat!

Read the entire story here.
HT Chicago Tribune


frival said...

That looks like a beautiful camp, Leticia, and so close to me! It's too bad they happen to share a name with the "other" St. Benedict Center in Richmond, NH. That aside it looks very interesting.

Leticia said...

That St Benedict Center broke away from this one,which is based out of Still River, MA. It's confusing, thanks for clarifying, this center is on good terms with the local ordinary.