Friday, July 18, 2008

Mexicans to UN Stop Murdering our Children!

Latin American countries are under increasing presssure by the pro-abortion forces which rule the United Nations. Some nations, like Mexico are saying "NO!" "
"The United Nations Organization (UNO) is partially responsible for promoting abortion through emergency contraception, through mechanical and chemical means, curettage, endouterine manual aspiration, and chemical poisoning in the maternity hospitals of Mexico City, and through the training of Mexico City policemen by the United Nations Population Fund," they write.
"Tragically, these actions have caused the deaths of 10,340 Mexican human beings and day after day up to 40 are murdered by these means."

We have lost 50 million babies in the USA since legalized abortion; where's our outrage?
The letter concludes by demanding "a halt to the genocide, a halt to the foreign intervention in our country with criminal purposes, which results in the extermination of Mexican babies."

Read the entire story here.
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