Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pro-family super Star

Star Parker knows the welfare system is a trap, because she was there. She knows that abortion clinics focus on poor neighborhoods, because she was there too. She is the leader that the African American community and the rest of us need to bring true help to the poor.
"I was journeying through my life to find income to subsidize my welfare check, and that’s when I met some Christian men. They told me my life was unacceptable to God. It hit me hard that God thought about me and that the things I was doing were hurting Him. So I went to church with them; I dedicated my life to the Lord at that church.
I had been so exposed to the culture war and what had happened in public policy to help others destroy their lives the way I had. I made a commitment I was going to get engaged in that battle, and I’ve been there ever since."
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Welome, Star, and God Bless You