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Democrats and the life issue; a no brainer for Catholics

Feministst for Life has a chapter in New York State, and here is an example of their activism in a local meeting with Craig Johnson (D) guest post by Florence.
Camille Gagliano raised her hand and was recognized. She spoke against RHAPP. The woman next to her raised other points in regard to RHAPP. I raised my hand and introduced myself as the LI liaison for FCLNY and the former secretary of the NY chapter of Dems4Life and spoke about how bad this bill was for women. Senator Johnson listened and then curtly responded, "I am pro-choice" (end of discussion). While he had spoken for a long time on the other issues, his only response to all the points we raised, was "I am pro-choice". Another gentleman raised his hand and spoke about the partial birth abortion provision in RHAPP and said that it amounted to infanticide. A little later Camille again raised her hand and was recognized. At this point Camille said that he had spoken in great detail about his rationale for his other positions but when we spoke against RHAPP, his only answer was a slogan "I am pro-choice".
He then said he respected our opinions but we weren't going to change his mind. HE IS THE SPONSOR OF RHAPP. He was Spitzer's handpicked successor to Balboni. What can we expect? To illustrate that point, let me tell you about the next question he was asked. Finally the man next to Camille got up and asked, "If it can be demonstrated that the majority of your district is against RHAPP, will you change your position?" His answer you was a flat out NO.
May I suggest that you encourage all our members (sure do wish we had an email list), not just Johnson's consistuents, to start a letter writing campaign to his local office (we are advised that letters to his Albany office won't be seen or paid attention to for months) and express our reasons for opposing this bill.
His address is:
District Office:151 Herricks Road, Suite 202

Garden City Park, NY 11040
P: (516) 746-5923F: (516) 746-5926
I might add that while Senator Johnson was unreceptive to our arguments, the majority of those in the audience were. After some of our comments, people in the audience applauded. Camille's final comment about being dismissed with a slogan was met with thunderous applause. Well, there is nothing like the power of the voting booth.

NOW contrast Craig Johnson's knee-jerk support of the most radical pro-abortion legislation ever to hit New York, the abortion capital of the world, to the ignorance of Catholic teaching shown by this letter to Catholic Exchange.
To CE Editors:
I am a long-time Catholic, and it saddens me to see Catholic organizations embracing a party that stands for everything traditional Catholics do not, such as bigotry, oppression of the poor and disabled, a war on human rights, deregulatory policies that have turned this country into a sleazy x-rated sideshow carnival on our airwaves, a disregard for public food and drug safety, disregard for the environment for the sake of industry campaign contributors, all for only one issue: abortion. The Democratic Party has always been a party more aligned with the values of traditional Catholics, so why are Catholic organizations encouraging others to embrace a party that has brought the world nothing but misery?
Name withheld at editor’s discretion.

READ ON to see Editor Mary Kochan's well informed reply and many comments. This letter writer should have been at the above meeting with Craig Johnson. He has no problem making abortion a single issue.
As Fr Pavone says, "IF he were running for president, would you ask Osama Bin Laden what his tax policy is?"
Fr Corapi has recently expressed his opinion rather powerfully on this issue:

The exclamation point at the end of the death wish is that now there is yet another candidate for the office of president of the United States who has in an extraordinary waydone everything possible to breathe life into all of the barbaric elements of the deathwish. He and his party make no apologies for their support of abortion, partial-birthabortion, and even infanticide. It’s hard to believe that we have degenerated to the pointthat we’ll murder a helpless baby should it escape the violence of an abortion and be born alive. Can a Catholic vote for such persons? We are told, “yes” for a “proportionate reason.” What, I might ask, is the proportionate reason so weighty as to excuse supporting those responsible for what is tantamount to genocide?

The judges and politicians that support such barbaric practices are truly guilty ofgenocide: genocide—the deliberate and systematic destruction of an ethnic, racial,religious, national, or social group. “What is the group so targeted?” you might ask. The group is unwanted, unborn children--tens of millions of them.The Supreme Court justices that gave us Roe v. Wade will have to plead temporary insanity in the court of history. There will be no defense in the highest Court that is thejudgment seat of almighty God if they do not repent of the incalculable evil they have wrought.
Yet, despite the life and death importance of this travesty of authentic law, there will be no serious discussion among political candidates, or anyone else. It is as if society has been bewitched, blind to the splendor of truth, deaf to the cries of the most innocent, most vulnerable, and most utterly helpless.
Read more from Fr Corapi here.

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