Saturday, July 12, 2008

Fight AIDS in Uganda with Catholic teachings:NO WAY!

It seems that the forces of the Culture of Death hates a Catholic success story. It reminds me of the Spanish diplomat's line in "The Mission", regarding the conomic success of the missions, "IF you wanted the approval of the state, you should have produced a noble failure".
No, the Catholic Church has made Uganda the lowest HIV infected nation in African, without condoms and condoning fornication, so the pro-death camp had to undermine their efforts, lest their unsuccessful condom distribution look foolish by comparison.
"We understand that casual sex is dear to you, but staying alive is dear to us. Listen to African wisdom, and we will show you how to prevent AIDS."
Sam L. Ruteikara wrote in the Washington Post that efforts to maintain the world's most successful AIDS prevention programme was "sabotaged" by precisely those Western "experts" who insisted that only condoms would work.
Ruteikara is the co-chair of Uganda's National AIDS-Prevention Committee. He wrote in a column in the Washington Post on June 30, "AIDS epidemics in Africa are driven by people having sex regularly with more than one person." The Western experts, dedicated to the exclusive promotion of condoms, were incensed when Ugandan AIDS rates plummeted with this "ABC" method that left condoms as a "last resort".
Ruteikara nailed it, the Westerners were more interested in promoting promiscuity than preventing deaths.
We have the same problem here in the public schools, with Planned Parenthood's 'safe sex' programs are nothing but marketing campaigns to keep their abortion mills making big money.
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