Thursday, July 10, 2008

Rabbi Yeduda Levin on the "Disorder of Canada"

Every year at the March for Life, Rabbi Yehuda Levin gives the final speech with brilliant clarity and a touch of humor, then opens the March with a blast of the shofar.
Speaking in his capacity as spokesman for over a thousand Rabbis in the United States and Canada, Rabbi Levin stated: "I want to forcefully condemn whoever is responsible for misrepresenting millions of Canadian citizens, misrepresenting their love and respect for God's gift of life by giving an award to such a monster." He added: "This is another giant step down the slippery slope towards wholesale murder of babies, old people and undesirables."
Speaking of Morgentaler's Jewish roots, Rabbi Levin said, "As a Jew this man is a tremendous embarrassment to us and opposes Genesis 9:6 which indicates that feticide is a capital offence from the earliest times of the world's history."
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