Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Merciful Response to PZ Meyers' threats

From a newly ordained Dominican.
"In this short space of days I have seen hate and witness regarding the Eucharist; hate disseminated in the media and witness through the liturgical memory of the Church. The opportunity now is to witness to our own belief in the Eucharistic Lord. Several years ago I was teaching Church History at a Catholic high school. I gave a lecture on the martyrs to six classes of students. The vast majority of these students said they would deny Christ with fingers crossed. Most of them had no regard for the value of public witness and probably didn’t even know about the Love Christ has for them. "
HT Godspy

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sb said...

I understand that we have to love and pray for them, Father. But am I terribly wrong to despise them now while I'm doing all of that?