Friday, August 01, 2008

Cohabitation beforehand hurts marriage

I did this study back in grad school; all studies since the mid 80's to today have consistently shown the same thing: living together before marriage greatly lowers the chances that a marriage will last.
" Living together before marriage has skyrocketed since the 1960s, when Western cultures began to cast off traditional sexual mores; but the same period has seen a correlating upsurge of divorce.
The evidence has prompted a number of studies that have indicated that by trying to avoid divorce by cohabitation, unwed couples seriously compromise their marital success. A 2006 report published in the journal Demography indicated one-half of all cohabiting unions collapse within a year and 90 percent within five years.
"The common view of cohabitation as a steppingstone to marriage needs to be seriously questioned," commented Daniel Lichter a professor of policy analysis at Cornell University and the study's lead researcher."

So much for the idea of trying on a shoe before you buy it. We should have known that human beings have far too much dignity for that cheap analogy. God thinks far too much of us to allow us to cheapen ourselves that way. Too bad the majority of Americans don't; they believe the lies from the culture, and as Christopher West says, continue eating out of the dumpster of eros (extra-matial sex) instead of feasting on the banquet Our Lord has prepared in the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony.
Read the entire article here.
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Ann said...

Note, also, that no one seems to mention or concern themselves with the effect divorce has on children.

But children, as are wedding vows, are, as we know, disposable too.

God help us.

Tito Edwards said...

Good reminder.