Friday, August 08, 2008

Fitting tribute to A Great Prophet

Michael Cook's article at MercatorNet on my college hero, Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn explains the complexities the rise and fall of the prophet of the West. He told us just before Pope John Paul did, about the path to moral suicide the US was on, and was summarily rejected.
Unfortunately, he has been proven right. We are too preoccupied with our personal comfort to see how our spiritual and moral senses have been dulled into oblivion, like the helpless humans in Wall-E. This nation needs some suffering to wake it up to just how grave this problem is. God did it many times for His beloved people of Israel, He may just do it for us; send us a crisis to build our character. Fr Corapi sees it coming. It's no accident that the "Greatest Generation" emerged from a decade long Depression to fight a World War.
Read this excerpt from his Harvard address:
"Six decades for our people and three decades for the people of Eastern Europe; during that time we have been through a spiritual training far in advance of Western experience. Life's complexity and mortal weight have produced stronger, deeper and more interesting characters than those produced by standardized Western well-being... It is true, no doubt, that a society cannot remain in an abyss of lawlessness, as is the case in our country. But it is also demeaning for it to elect such mechanical legalistic smoothness as you have. After the suffering of decades of violence and oppression, the human soul longs for things higher, warmer and purer than those offered by today's mass living habits, introduced by the revolting invasion of publicity, by TV stupor and by intolerable music."

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