Friday, August 15, 2008

Don't say "it's impossible"

from the Family Research Council
Polygamy: Next Stop, New York State
For a case study in where same-sex "marriage" can lead, look no further than the Netherlands. New reports are circulating that the Scandinavian country, which already recognizes counterfeit marriage, has opened its official registers to polygamists. Although the Dutch officially ban the practice of polygamy, they've agreed to make concessions for the country's immigrants. If Muslims or others move to the Netherlands with multiple wives, a new policy calls for the local leaders to register those marriages. Local registrars are recognizing polygamous marriages every week.

This is exactly what social conservatives have argued all along. When a government redefines marriage, there's no limit to the perversity that will follow. While liberals insist that same-sex "marriage" is the ultimate goal, their demands only lay the groundwork for other relationships to demand the same entitlements. Of course, now that leaders like Gov. David Paterson (D-N.Y.) have agreed to open their borders to out-of-state marriages, what's to keep polygamists from petitioning for recognition in New York?
If marriage means everything, then we are helpless to prohibit anything. Additional Resources Netherlands Recognises Polygamous Marriages of Muslims reports Dutch Newspaper

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Alexandra said...

They'll also need to recognize child brides because I can imagine that some of these brides are young teenagers due to the differing cultural norms outside of Western Europe. The legal and then cultural definition of pedophilia will be blurred.