Thursday, August 07, 2008

Are Catholics this foolish?

Once when I was just eighteen, and about to vote in my first presidential election (I helped put Ronald Reagan in the White House) a candiate for New York State Senate knocked on our front door to introduce himself. I had just helped begin the Right to Life Party in New York State, and so I asked Jim Lack, a Republican if he was pro-life.
This was his answer, "No, but I married an ex-nun."
Needless to say, Mr Lack was in a hurry to get off my front porch, after uttering that foolish statement!!
I never forgot it's lesson. Give the dumb Catholics something to pacify them, and you can murder babies at will.
Well Obama is getting just such advice: pick a pro-life running mate, and your 100% pro-infanticide record will be overlooked by Catholics. Read the article here. . According to Pope John Paul II' s Encyclical, Evangelium Vitae.
LIFE is the primary issue, and Fr. Pavone reminds us that just as no one remembers Adolf Hitler's tax policy or cares whether Stalin made the trains run on time, no Catholic should consider electing a man who favors killing children. Period. Such a man is unfit to rule, and we must tell the world we reject him.
Jill Stanek and Alan Keyes have done so in this shocking video on the truth of the Born Alive Infant Protection Act which Obama opposed. He opposed medical care for babies born alive in abortion procedures, when they were left to die alone in waste bins. No one else in the Senate was that extreme, the BAIPA passed with 99 votes, minus Obama's vote of "Present".
Forget your wallet, forget the rapturous promises of Obamaniacs, or the equivocating of Roman Catholics for Obama. Trust our national future only to a man who values human life. Or someday the life he wants to terminate may be someone dear to you. Maybe the new Obama National Health Care Plan won't pay for your vital surgery when you are deemed a burden to society the way 50 million American children were deemed burdensome to their mothers.
HT Life
The New York Times confirms that Obama is seriously courting pro-life Catholics by possibly having the supposed pro-lifer Bob Casey Jr. speak at the Democratic Convention. There are a few Catholics some of which are prolife, who are on the short list for VP.
Many of them are as pro-death as you can get, like Gov Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas, best friend of Tiller the baby Killer. (see photo of her with Tiller as she honored his work killing late term babies) If Obama thinks that Catholic bloggers are going to let him get away with this scheme, he's got another guess coming!
Read the entire story here.


Portiuncula: the Little Portion said...

You have no idea how refreshing it is to finally find a Christian Catholic! Most are Democrat Party Hacks who vote however the unions or the MSM tell them to vote....without using the brains God gave them...

Thank you!

Leticia said...

Just doing my job advancing the Culture of Life. Thanks for noticing.

Tito Edwards said...

Keep up the great work Leticia!