Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Rewards go to NY Legislators who voted pro-gay

Gay Activist Tim Gill Rewards N.Y. Lawmakers Who Voted to Gut Marriage
from Citizen Link
Republicans in the New York Assembly who voted last year to legalize same-sex "marriage" in the state have received thousands of dollars from homosexual activists across the nation.
The (New York) Sun reported that the four lawmakers, who rarely raise money from outside their districts, have benefited from a fund-raising network stretching to at least nine states.
Not surprisingly, the Gill Action Fund is behind many of those donations.
The gay-activist group, founded by computer software mogul Tim Gill, solicited donations at a conference in Miami in the spring.
The Republican-led Senate hopes to keep the Empire State from becoming the third state to allow same-sex "marriage."
"It's a strong belief among many Republicans that it's not the way to go," Sen. Martin Golden, R-Brooklyn, told The Sun. "It's a core belief that we have. We stick with our core beliefs."
In May, New York Gov. David Paterson changed up to 1,300 state policies and regulations to include same-sex couples who were "married" elsewhere.

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