Friday, August 22, 2008

President Bush protecting freedom of conscience for Medical Profession

The release of the new regulations on Thursday offering more protection for doctors, medical personnel, and medical centers that refuse to participate in abortions received hearty applause from pro-life groups nationwide. They noted how pro-abortion groups have moved from "choice" to forcing abortions.
The U.S. Catholic bishops’ spokesperson on abortion, Deirdre McQuade, welcomed the proposed regulations as a way to protect medical personnel from being coerced to violate their consciences in federally funded programs.
“Doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel face pressure to participate in abortion – a practice that many find abhorrent in good conscience,” McQuade said. “The enforcement of federal laws designed to protect their freedom of conscience is long overdue.”

Read the entire story on Life News.


Anonymous said...

This post reveals, all in it's ugliness, the true evil behind Planned Parenthood and it's founder, Margaret Sanger, with no punches pulled.

I can't help but wonder if writing the post was as difficult as reading it.

cg said...

Saw the Maritime Sentry post--Sanger was one chilling portrait.

How has planned parenthood managed to conceal such evil for so long?