Saturday, August 30, 2008

The new face of feminism: Governor Sarah Palin

I celebrated with Governor Palin in April of this year when she gave birth to Trig, her son with Down syndrome (see link). I hoped that McCain had the class and common sense to choose here as his VP running mate. Now, I'm speechless with joy. Sarah Palin is perfect in every way, pro-life, pro-family, great mom to five children including a special needs child, a moral beacon in corrupt Alaska politics, an avid outdoors woman who knows how important oil is, and just an outstanding role model for women in power. And she's beautiful too, better looking at 44 after 5 births than she was as second runner up to Miss Alaska!
This is the new face of feminism, folks. No more angry women who fear their own femininity, and try to out-man the men. True feminists embrace the beauty of femininity without shying away from positions of power.
Sarah Palin for Vice President!!!!


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A Voice in the Crowd said...

We thought of you yesterday, Leticia!

It was a great day for the culture of life in America, and all those who have special needs kids.

I couldn't be more happy with McCain's pick. I think he has caught lightning in a bottle, and the Obamanites will be underestimating her all the way to a November defeat.