Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Huckabee for McCain's VP?

There's no indication that Huckabee is being considered, so consider this idle speculation like the Hillary chatter prior to Obama's pick. But wouldn't Huckabee make a lot of sense given the things we've learned the last two weeks?
Huckabee would be an excellent choice of Vice President, it would show conservatives that McCain is seriously pro-life.
Read the entire story at the National Review.


A Voice in the Crowd said...

There was some talk during the Republican primaries that Huckabee stayed in so long to split the Social Conservative Vote with Romney, and allow McCain to gain the nomination.

The same talk said at that point, Huckabee was offered the VP.

We will see.

PASCENDI said...

I would not link to anything National Review had to say about anything. It is the likes of Buckley and National review which have so watered down the part, that guys like my present pastor are considered "conservative"!