Wednesday, August 06, 2008

A Pro-life HeroKline Loses his Re-election Bid

from Citizen Link
Phill Kline, district attorney for Johnson County, Kan., will leave office at the end of the year after losing the primary election Tuesday. Steve Howe, a former assistant district attorney, took 60 percent of the vote.
"Some causes are worth losing, and there is no defeat in doing the right thing," Kline told Family News in Focus. "We'll continue to try to do the right thing and hope that eyes will be opened here."
Kline has filed 107 charges against Planned Parenthood's Kansas City clinic over allegations of falsified reports and illegal late-term abortions. He said he plans to bring the case to trial, even though judges are not allowing the case to proceed.
"Their whole aim is to delay it until I am out of office," he said. "I will vigorously work to continue to ford that case."
FOR MORE INFORMATIONPhill Kline talks about the fight of his life in a three-part
video interview with Turn Signal.
I wonder how much Phil Kline's defeat cost George Tiller, the Baby Killer?
Is there NO justice in Kansas?

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