Monday, August 18, 2008

John McCain and Pastor Warren knock it out of the park

Senator Barack Obama miserably failed the test concerning the foundational world view issue. Without the right to life, there are no other rights. Rights attach to persons and abortion kills little persons. Without the freedom to be born, there are no other freedoms. When Senator Obama was asked about the humanity of the child in the womb, he said that such a question was “above his pay grade”. Oh, he then blathered on about their being a “moral and ethical” dimension to the issue. However, he then stated unequivocally “I am pro-choice, I believe in Roe v Wade”. He mouthed something about reducing abortions but the utter clarity of the moment was the highlight of the evening.
The pastor, this man of purpose, followed through with this question, ”Have you ever voted to limit abortions”? Barack Obama was, for the first time in my viewing, at a loss for words. Because the truth is now out there and he knew he could not lie about it. Senator John McCain on the other hand, hit a home run in the eyes of people like me who insist that the issue of respecting the dignity of every human life from the womb to the tomb is not a “single issue” but rather a “World View” issue in Pastor Warren’s terminology.
My sentiments exactly, Deacon Fournier, McCain hit a home run.

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