Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My take on the "R word" controversy

Is in a piece entitled, "It's Just a Word" up on Catholic Exchange. Despite all our protests, "Tropic Thunder" opens today and DreamWorks doesn't care who is wounded by the word RETARD.
But I do!


Carole in Austin said...

Dream Works is only interested in making money, at anyone's expense. When a large segment of the population doesn't show up to see this movie, they will get the message. Since when did making fun of people with disabilities become entertainment.

colbert said...

Since Hollywood has become totally void of morals, talent or imaginative ideas.

However, looking at the ad reminded me of Hitler. Didn't he begin taking over the minds of Germany by this same method of propaganda?

Leticia said...

What ad do you mean?
IF you read my editorial, then you know exactly what Hitler did to institutionalize and exterminate the retarded in the T-4 program.
Don't go throwing around Hilter accusations with so little knowlege of history.
You might embarrass yourself.

colbert said...

The reference wasn't aimed at your ad, Leticia. Hollywood advertising was what I was referring to.

Of course I wouldn't make a reference to Hitler without knowledge of why--retarded children and adults (not to mention the mentally ill and elderly) were the first on his list to exterminate--and that was before the Jews (then on to Christians, had he been given the chance).

Do you still think I should be embarrassed?

Leticia said...

I apologize colbert, I misunderstood your comment. I have been enduring a lot of abuse about this film in the blogosphere (not here) so please excuse my trigger happy attitude!

colbert said...

Apology accepted right readily, Leticia.

My comments aren't always very clear, anyway.

No explanation necessary. I've been spending time on the blogosphere battlefield, too--abusive out there, indeed.

God Bless

catholicandgop said...

Thanks Leticia, you have done an excellent job of explaining the subject. I think many people are far too eager to just write off people protesting this movie. I'm going to share your article with them so they can understand the otherside a little bit better.

Esther (joeysmom) said...

Leticia, congrats on writing a fine article. The history of DS triggered memories I had growing up when children were referred to as "Mongoloid" as well as "retarded".
Thanks for sharing.