Thursday, August 14, 2008

APA mistrusts the opinon of post-abortive women

It's bad enough to have suffered the trauma of an abortion. It adds salt to the wound when the American Psychological Association tells you that you don't know what you're talking about.
Leaders of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign told they take issue with the APA report claiming abortion is "not a threat to women's mental health."
"The American Psychological Association's so-called study is nothing more than a conclusion supported by opinions screened to match that predetermined outcome," says Georgette Forney, a co-founder of the group.
Forney knows from personal experience about the negative effects of an abortion as she had one as a teenager. She has dealt with her own emotions and those of friends and family and says the APA should have put more stock in people like her.
"The APA ignored or downplayed large, peer-reviewed studies showing a clear link between abortion and subsequent problems such as depression," she said. "Professionalism and intellectual honesty are not concepts I would associate with this report."

Sounds like the APA has an agenda.
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Anonymous said...

Perhaps they'll take the word of former abortionists who quit the killing business--has anyone been interviewing any of them lately? I know they're out there--

Leticia said...

Fr. Frank Pavone's Priests for Life has such a ministry for healing of ex-abortion providers.

visitor said...

Perhaps these doctors would like to come forward to lend credence to these tormented women.

Also, there must be men whose children were aborted who have grieved.

What sick minds these folks have to discredit these suffering women. Just appalling.