Friday, August 08, 2008

My article in "Canticle" magazine

. . .is about Catholic politicians with spines; former Senator Rick Santorum, Representative Chris Smith, former presidential candidate, Senator Sam Brownback and the late Rep. Henry Hyde, who passed away last November after a stellar career defending the unborn in the House.
I appreciate the fact that Our Lady of Sorrows is on the cover, her heart is re-pierced with a sword every time babies die because Catholics deny their faith in the public square.
Sell out Catholics (Bob Casey Jr, and Tim Bishop are you listening?) read this artcle (maybe I'll sned you both copies)and learn what it means to stand up for the helpless unborn, disabled,poor, and elderly.
Learn what it means to be a Catholic politician!
Catholic electorate, learn from the examples of these fine public servants what we must demand of our fellow Catholics when they ask for our vote!
There is also a link to the Catholic Answers Voter's Guide, to help those who may be confused by some of the ambiguous guides out there.

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