Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Courting of the Catholic Vote

Anita Crane sounds off on the candidates courting the unreliable Catholic Vote and the problems with each side at Spero News.
"We Catholics find ourselves at a very interesting point in history. Once again, presidential elections are upon us and we represent the largest bloc of religious voters at an estimated 25% of America ’s registered voting population. Therefore, Senators Obama and McCain are out to get our votes."
Read the entire article here.
No truly prolife candidate is running except the faithful Catholic, ever articulate, and maddenly unelectable Alan Keyes, who says we have two evil choices. He's right of course. Don't you wish McCain would select him as a running mate, and well, retire while in office?
Sadly we have Alan Keyes to thank for Obama winning his Senate seat in the first place. Maybe McCain can give him a Cabinet Post. . .


catholicandgop said...

Well, I voted for Keyes for Senate, I think I was one of about 8 people in Illinois that did.

Leticia said...

Bless you! Would that more Catholics voted as Catholics, he'd be the first black candidate for president, and I'd be his campaign mananger!!

catholicandgop said...

When you're campaign manager, don't forget me, I could be your secretary. ;)