Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tragic Ireland losing the Faith

Ireland is a land who has suffered so many trials; the Potato Famine, the Penal Laws, the Troubles, but no crisis as tragic as that she suffers today; there is a report on NPR about how, in response to abuse, Irishmen have establised a website to 'unbaptize' themselves. Such a loss from a land whose faith was always strengthened by trials. This scandal has broken many people's faith, but according to Irish Times columnist Breda O'Brien,  there's another culprit; materialism. We know a lot about this in the US. Once we are comfortable, God becomes an accessory  that doesn't go with our lifestyle.
I remember visiting a leaner, more Catholic Ireland for Easter 1987, where churches were packed with young famlies who rode two deep in the back seats of in tiny Nissans.
Now, there is scandal and prosperity and Ireland is suffering from both.
We await the Holy Father's advice on this situation.
They may take their name off the rolls, but the mark of Baptism remains on their souls. May Almighty God have mercy on Ireland.
St Patrick pray for us.
Listen to the 7 hour Irish music steam here to keep from becoming despondent, wait, that's one of Irish music's best themes. Delicious despondency.
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