Friday, March 19, 2010

Catholic vs Catholic over health care

Pro-life blogger Jill Stanek is right. Its a holy war.
Somehow those of us Catholics  who adhere to Church teachings on life issues must get through to the members of Network and the Catholic Health Association that this health care bill cannot be supported by Catholics.
For the good of their souls, and of the poor. Yes, the poor, whose children's lives are at stake. Ask abortion clinic escort Dominican Sr Donna Quinn. No amount of health benefits  for the poor can eradicate the fact that poor minority women are the ones who have the most abortions. Since the sisters of etwork say they work with the poor, they must know that. Or has their pro-abortion agenda blinded them to the plight of those they claim to serve?
Many of these women religious are high in postions of power in the Church. They, like CHA CEO Sr Carol Keehan who draws a salary of over $400K (she claims its donated to her order, but that is still a lot of money for an order with vows of poverty) They have become too involved in the status quo and those who fear that Catholic hospitals will be forced by this health care bill to perform abortions are a bit late; they already do.

In Catholic hospitals in Connecticut, the abortifacient drug Plan B is distributed to rape victims. Rep Chris Coutu (R) was part of an effort to keep CT Catholic hospitals from being forced into providing the drug which works by preventing an embryo from implanting in the uterus, but he told me that "the bishops undercut our efforts" by accepting this illicit procedure. Remember; they had a way out and chose to allow an abortifacient anyway.

In London Ontario, Catholic priest and chief ehticist for the diocese, Fr Michael Prieur, advises women to undergo so called 'early induction' abortions.. These take place when pregnant mothers have their labor induced early to give birth tobabies before the age of viability (22 weeks).Allegedly, the babies for whom Fr Prieur allows abortions have fatal anomalies, in other words, they would not live long outside the womb.  Oh, its made so pretty, they have special rooms where the dying child, gasping for air, but given none, is photographed, hand and foot printed and even dressed up in a gown for a family photo. This is a comfort to famlies whose child  with a fatal anomaly is born naturally, and I wish I had this comfort with my three miscarriages, but when the parents and the doctors have conspired to kill the 'unacceptable' child then dare to dress it up, it is an outrage, when it is proposed by a Catholic priest it is SCANDALOUS. Read the Life Site News story here.

Is it any accident that Canada, where there has been socialized medicine for 30 years is proposing induced abortion for expensive disabled babies? In September, with Healthcare for Gunner, I spent two days with three Canadians who came to the US to warn us that socialized medicine is dangerous for the disabled, especially little Annie Farlow with Trisomy 18, who at months of age, was in a Canadian hospital and given a fatal dose of morphine without her parents' knowlege. Barb to her credit, has dedicated years of her life to pursue justice for Annie. She has encountered nothing but stonewalling and heartless bureaucrats. The most recent report from thE Coroner said that since Annie (a disabled non-verbal toddler) couldn't make her wishes known, the doctors didn't know she wanted to live. Oh really. This is socialized healthcare at its best, saving the taxpayer money by eliminating expensive patients.

And then there's Terri Schiavo, whose bishop sent a priest to her hearing to remove the feeding tube to testify on behalf of her adulterous husband Michael Schiavo who wanted Terri dead, to spend her lawsuit money with his new woman and children. Bishop Lynch even had the temerity to blame Terri's devoted family for the 'lack of peace' surrounding the nationwide story. They had offered, at no cost to Michael, to take their daughter home and care for her. He wanted her dead, and the bishop took his side.  Not a week after Terri's misrable dehydration/starvation murder, our beloved Pope John Paul II died with a feeding tube. I am convinced he had the tube inserted, not because he needed one (the Church does not insist on forcing burdensome food and water on those actively dyiing, as he was) but to tell American that Terri a young woman with years of life ahead of her should have had one.
Don't forge to commemorate the anniversay of her murder which will be commemorated by a concert on March 31. See the Terri foundation website for details.

These leaders of the Church have been scadalously disobedient to the 15 year old encyclical Evangelium Vitae, and now, through the public war over health care,  the public is becoming ever more painfully aware of what has scandalized the faithful. So, to those of you who are shocked by the contentitous divide in the Church over abortion, and end of life issues for the frail and disabled, I say, "where have you been?"
Important represnetatives of our Church have been betraying the teaching on life issues publicly for years. Now they are about to cash in big time on their shame. Catholic hospitals in the CHA will be on board with the rationing of care to the disabled and the elderly and abortion procedures mandated by Obamacare.
Someday there will be a higher Court before whom those who have distorted Church teaching on life issues must appear. And no amount of backroom deals or arm-twisting will sway this Judge.
May Almighty God have mercy on us.
St Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church, pray for us.

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EC Gefroh said...

Excellent Leticia!

Lucy said...

Thanks for joining Pro-Life Tuesdays! Your link is showing on my blog just fine. Did you have difficutlty adding the code?

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Lucy said...

I just wanted to add that I am really impressed with your universal knowledge of what's been happening within the church and without. I look forward to reading more of your postings. You're a great resource.