Thursday, March 04, 2010

Hang on Stupak, Stupak hang on!

Even the Dems are admitting it; its all about abortion. Read this piece in Business Week.
His comments underscore the risk the abortion issue poses as congressional Democrats seek to pass comprehensive health legislation with no Republican support. Party leaders have yet to settle on a strategy to resolve the abortion dispute.
 The health care bill hangs on a thread, and a small group of pro-life Democrats, led by Bart Stupak are holding the scissors. On today's Good Morning America, Stupak said that he will direct the group to vote the bill down unless a provision to exlcude federal funding of abortion is included, something Nancy Pelosi says is unecessary.
So, when you try and ignore the issue of abortion, it comes back to haunt you, doesn't it Speaker Pelosi?
Question; if, according to Pelosi, there is NO federal funding of abortion in this bill, how does she get out of this tight corner she has painted for herself?
It just goes to show Democrats that when you abandon morality to pander to special interests, that there are consequences to be faced. And some politicians with consciences.
Hang on Stupak, this is your moment of destiny. Pro-lifers are watching and praying for you to hold fast.
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