Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sr Carol Keehan explains her position in favor of the health care bill

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Monica R said...

I only got abut 4 minutes into it.

Well now about 6. It's like a trainwreck, but less interesting.

This thing defies even the vision she says the CHA has for acceptable legislation: financially responsible, focused on quality (huh????).

She seems to be relying on the idea of incrementalism . . . which is what Fr. Pavone uses when you have to choose between voting for two bad legislators. But in this case, we are choosing between not funding abortion and funding abortion . . . it doesn't work. Too facile for her own good.

Leticia said...

Excellent critique Monica. Knew you couln't resist this one

John Francis Borra said...

I had my dounts about Keehan when she spoke about Obama's health care bill on The World Over a few months ago; I have no doubt about her now. The term "cafeteria Catholic" comes immediately to mind.

Anonymous said...

The copy of Fr. Richard McBrians heretical textbook "Catholicism" right behind her says it all. (Banned for use in seminaries)

Adrienne said...

Social Justice cannot be separated from eternal Salvation; that is where people like her get "hung-up". misguided sympathy as well as monetary fixation. I pray for her and all of us.