Friday, March 12, 2010

Exorcist; the devil is in the Vatican

We know the devil is very active in Washington these days, as Catholic Pelosi lies about abortion funding in the health care bill, Catholic Bart Stupak is attacked as 'unamerican' for opposing it on that basis,  and the silence from the USCCB is deafening.
 Did you know that the Prince of Darkness is also active in the Vatican? If you read "Windswept House"by Fr Malachi Martin, which he claims was based on truth, before his mysterious murder, you would know that.
Fr Gabriel Amorth, chief exorcist of the Vatican who has written two books entitled,
"An Exorcist Tells His Story", the devil is apparent in the attempted murder of Pope John Paul II, the attack on Pope Benedict by a deranged woman over Christmas, and the pedophilia scandal.
I read a book a while ago about a secret Communist plan to send moles into the Catholic priesthood to destroy it from within. From some of the nonsense we have seen in some of our dioceses, I believe that someone wants the priesthood to fall, for it will take the Church down with it. And now there are new allegations of child abuse, involving Pope Benedict's brother, who slapped boys in the face while teaching school. While I wouldn't condone this, it was probably an accepted practice at the time.
Whats the solution? Exorcisms, according to Fr Amorth who was interviewed by ABC news here. However, author of the book, "The Rite" (see my review here) Matt Baglio is pessimistic, as he sent copies of his book to every bishop in the US to encourage them to appoint exorcists, only to be ignored in all but two cases. Fr Amorth has harsh words for such bishops,
 '"I believe bishops who don't appoint exorcists are committing a mortal sin,".

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