Saturday, March 20, 2010

Congressman Joe Courtney announces "yes" vote on CNN

OK Congressman Courtney,since you vote "yes" on health care, I will carry out my promise to work for your oponent in this upcoming election, as I promised you numerous times.
You are on the wrong side of the will of the people of Eastern CT.

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Mike in CT said...

I called his office yesterday. When I asked his staffer how Mr. Courtney could defend not only voting the wrong way but in a procedure that is clearly un-Constitutional, she said that he would be sending out a response afterward. Yeah, after.

The man is being used as a stooge and a pawn by those who are clearly willingly cooperating with evil.

Anonymous said...

Who is running against him so I can send a donation?

PattyinCT said...

Obviously, he'd rather listen to the "Big Insurance Companies" than to his constituents who attended the town hall meetings. On second thought, after watching this interview, I feel that both Courtney's constituents and the citizens of Eastern CT wasted their time.