Saturday, December 06, 2008

My controversial review of "Twilight" the book

Is causing some irate comments from true believers. Join in the fray at Catholic Online.


Allison said...

I have not read Twilight and there would seem to be too many other good books that I would rather give my time to, so I thank you for your research.

Your review is very thoughtful and I wonder how you feel about your daughter being in a Catholic school where the english teacher assigns Twilight as required reading?!

Leticia said...

Excellent question, it's one that led to sleepless nights, I assure you. As a mother who homeschooled for 10 years, I am very picky about what my daughters read, and did raise this issue with the school prinicple who said it was required private reading, would not be discussed in class, and that Gabbi could choose another book. Overall I am pleased with the school, and Gabbi has found likeminded friends, but I will remain vigilant.

Renee said...

"Passionate co-dependence"

Love it!

I have no interest in the book, my children are younger but I did find interesting this comment, though well written speaks volumes why intellectual arrested development exists.

"The moral of the story is, before you judge my Twilight, I will question the books from your time. So many young kids have given up reading because of being forced to read some of the 'classic' works of literature. Many people have switching from watching TV to reading books due to Twilight."

Notice she refers it to 'my' Twilight and being 'forced' to read works from different time periods that stood the test of time. If it isn't about herself, then forget about it. Teachers and parents give in, because they are reading something. Now this may make since for a eight year old, but at 17 young women should be reading something that embraces maturity beyond hormonal tension rather then an extension of Disney Princess Fairytales.