Sunday, December 21, 2008

Campbell's it's not your mother's soup anymore

No doubt you have happy memories of one type of Campbell's Soup; Chicken Noodles when you had a cold, or Tomato with grilled cheese on meatless Friday lunches. Well, think again. Campbell's Soup is now promoting the homosexual agenda and two mommy families. Maybe you might want to change your brand of soup.
You can email Campbell's Soup here and voice your protest.
The Campbell's Soup Company purchased a pair of two-page advertisement spreads in one of the nation's leading pro-homosexual magazines, including an ad highlighting a lesbian couple and their son, reports the American Family Association.
The advertisement for Campbell's product Swanson's broth, the AFA reports, appears in both the December 2008 and January 2009 issues of The Advocate, a magazine that touts itself with the line, "For 40 years, setting the standard in LGBT journalism."

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