Sunday, December 21, 2008

New group to research and approve ethical vaccines

One of the problems with being pro-life is that you just can't "Go with the flow". You try to find out if your favorite grocery store supports Planned Parenthood. You try not to support the One Child Policy by buying products made in China (good luck; some items you just can't find made anywhere else). Then there's the sticky situation of vaccines. I have been using the reliably pro-life website of Children of God for Life to avoid giving my children shots which use fetal cells. BUt sometimes you just can't find the versions of the shots they recommend. According to Catholic teaching, we can come down on both sides of this issue; we can use the vaccines, since most of the babies killed happened generations ago, and the murder is not ongoing. Or we can object, and use this objection as a reason on school religious exemption forms which are available in 48 states. I choose this position, and have never been challenged on it.
Besides this issue, I am aware of the medical/pharmaceutical community requiring a ridiculous number of vaccines for non-life threatening illnesses, or illnesses which a well behaved person would NOT contract. Like hepatitis B, or Human Papilloma Virus. Our children are being pushed to receive these vaccines as a means to eliminate these diseases from the general population. They are contracted through sin, so that those who engage in promiscuous sex or illicit drug use can do so with impunity, thanks to our children taking their medecine. Only we have to live with the side effects in our children, which, in the case of the HPV vaccine, Gardasil, may include the death of our girls.
I nearly lost Isabella at 6 months to a reaction to the now unused DPT shot. Not one of the six doctors who saw her with a 106 degree temperature and the classic symptoms of Whooping Cough in the ER on Christmas Eve admitted she had had a reaction to her 6 month DTP shot. But her pediatrician refrained from giving her the booster. Hmm, no wonder this whole industry makes me a cynic! Now, after reading "A Shot in the Dark" and seeing that this shot was changed, I know that we have to take action to make certain our children are not poisoned in the pediatrician's office.
Here's a recommendation which may help us from Fr Tom Euteneuer at Human Life International.
It is not ironic that in this season of preparation for the coming of the Christ Child, Human Life International has been asked to support a new pro-life vaccine research company that is challenging, to the core, the practice of pumping unethical vaccines into the bodies of our children. This non-profit company also provides a safe-haven for the consciences of parents that find themselves between the rock of government regulations and the hard place of vaccines made from cell lines using aborted fetal tissue. The Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute (SCPI) is the answer to these tough realities. Don't be thrown by the "choice" in the name; their founders are actually helping to provide some real alternatives in this field. Dr. Theresa Dreisher, PhD, founder and CEO of parent company AVM Biotechnology, is a fantastic pro-life biomedical researcher, an internationally renowned stem cell scientist, guest lecturer and educator with over 22 patents. She has made a sacrificial commitment to provide necessary research for the pro-life community so that we can have ethical vaccines as well as credible research about unethical ones that will help us hold Big Pharmaceutical accountable for their practices.
I recently got introduced to their operation, and I can tell you that we just have to support this initiative! What do I mean? Here are a few stunning facts that her brochure highlights:
By the time a child enters school they have received an average of 36 vaccinations - a number of them during the first 12 months of life; several of these contain aborted fetal DNA and cellular contaminants, a fact that has many parents, scientists and medical professionals concerned. Also,
Before children received so many vaccinations and before modern vaccines with aborted fetal DNA, only 1 child out of 10,000 was diagnosed with autism, now 1 child out of 150 is diagnosed. Is there a link? Well, only serious and non-ideological research will give us that answer.
SCPI reviews, researches and disseminates the context and content of vaccines and other biologic medicines to enable physicians, pharmacists, parents and grandparents to be "informed consumers." They investigate the biologic and physiologic consequences of human DNA and cellular contaminants in our medicines. Furthermore, they provide a "Pro-Life Produced" stamp on their medicine so that physicians, pharmacists or patients can be confident that the drug does not contain human DNA or cellular contaminants. They also have a "Pro-Life Compatible" stamp to indicate that that drug was not tainted during discovery, development or commercialization by the use of electively aborted, embryonic or any other unethically obtained human material. I just can't see a downside to this great operation. They are just what we need!
We are asking that during this Advent and Christmas season you consider supporting them with a gift. They are a gift to men and women of conscience, and they need to know that we will stand behind them!
Click here to access SCPI information.
Dear friends, as we approach the blessed day of the Birth of the Christ Child, please accept HLI's best wishes for you and your families and know that we are praying for you in gratitude for your ongoing support of the sanctity of life, marriage and family all around the world.

Sincerely Yours in Christ,
Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer,

President, Human Life International

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L Fabjanska said...

In fourth grade I was vaccinated for Hep B. At the time, I thought it was contracted like the flu. Now, I know that it is extremely rare in North America and rather prevalent amongst promiscuous and substance abusers.

Gardasil disturbs me sooo much. It is as if we are saying to our children, "yes honey, you are going to grow up to be a moral failure. It is almost certain. It is your destiny. It is inevitable."