Wednesday, April 08, 2009

A word on the Palm Sunday protest at Notre Dame

ND Response, a coalition of 12 Notre Dame student groups who oppose the University's decision to award President Barack Obama with an honorary law degree, sponsored a successful demonstration this past Sunday, April 5th. Despite the cold, windy, and rainy South Bend weather, nearly 400 people gathered at the steps of the University's Main Building (Golden Dome) to listen to nationally-recognized attorney Harold Cassidy offer his rebuttal of former New York governor Mario Cuomo's argument that faithful Catholics may support pro-abortion policies in good conscience. Cassidy also addressed the human rights violations of abortion and offered his perspective on the role of Catholic institutions in the abortion debate. The demonstration also included speeches by University professor Alfred Freddoso and senior leader Chris Labadie. The texts of these speeches are available at the ND Response coalition's website,

We are looking to capitalize on the momentum created by the rally with a March for Life at Notre Dame on Friday, April 17. It will begin at 6 pm with prayer at the Grotto, followed by speakers and a march. Please let your friends and parishes know so that others who aren’t in contact with us have the opportunity to join us.
As you may have guessed, April 17 is part of Blue-Gold Weekend. So, you’ll not only get to do your part to preserve the dignity of life, you’ll get to enjoy the festivities on campus. This is a win-win for everyone, pro-life and football fans alike!

Hope to see you there!

Jeff Tisak
ND Response Demonstrations/Protests Commission Co-Chair
Notre Dame Class of 2009

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